I AM Healed Devotional Anthology

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Are You Ready to Journey to Your Next Level of God Ordained Healing?

Your Diagnosis or Condition Does Not Define You! God’s Promise of Healing Does! – Rhonda Watts-Robinson, M.Div.

Created by Rhonda Watts-Robinson, M.Div., the I Am Healed Healing Devotional Anthology is unlike any other anthology you have ever read. In the I Am Healed Healing Devotional Anthology, you will journey down a transformative road to healing and transformation in the midst of your diagnosis, condition, or situation.

Through the stories of four resilient women of God and International Speaker, Bestselling Author, and the Visionary behind this Anthology and the I Am Healed Global Movement, Rhonda Watts-Robinson, M.Div., you will:

  • Experience transformation and healing as you read the journey of healing each author has embarked upon and overcame.
  • Be enlightened and transformed by scriptures and prayers you can personally pray in your healing and restoration season.
  • Have the chance to reflect on your authentic journey and your personal process of healing.
  • Become informed of how you can elevate in your healing and transform your life with the I Am Healed Movement.



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