Working with Tschanna on this project has been an absolute blessing. Her professionalism and her ability to be authentic mesh very well together. Tschanna is wise beyond her years and she uses that wisdom and her life experiences to help other women with their breakthroughs. I have not only built a professional relationship with Tschanna but we’ve also formed a sisterhood that Is another blessing.
Alisa G. Irvington, NJ

Tschanna has poured into me more than even SHE knows, and I can say that because when I get discouraged in whatever venture I am going after…Tschanna’s voice is one that I hear on the other end, saying, “DON’T QUIT, DON’T LOSE HOPE, YOU CAN DO THIS AND I HAVE FAITH IN YOU!” 
Linda S. Bethlehem, PA

Tschanna was able to connect to parts of my story that was untold.  I knew immediately that she had an understanding and confidence about her own life which became a trust builder for both our personal and business relationship.  Tschanna’s virtuous listening ear allowed her to sort through the perceived mess, recalibrate it, and elicit a masterpiece.  She positioned herself in my life as a person who had to grow, who achieved despite of, which set the expectation that I shouldn’t accept any less.  Her empathy and strength are foundational markers for progress and I feel blessed constantly for having her in my life. 
Cheryl M. Springfield, MO

This was my first book collaboration and very first time writing a book. My experience with Tschanna will always remain memorable. Tschanna provided our group with knowledge and tips to guide use through the process; not only did she provide the tools for us to be successful, but she also provided genuine support.
Nakisha B. Greensboro, NC